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Once you have the tree in your house you can look at it from the desk point of view and climb up to see the rest of the tree. However, you can climb even further up, beyond where the roof meets itself. If you go further up from there you will find yourself in a vast black static screen. Don't know if this was the bedoeling, just putting it out there.

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It was a bit too easy, and you get medals for just playing the game. This I find strange, they are easy achievements. They should be achieved out of greatness, or because you did something out of the ordinairy, for which you are then rewarded.
Consider raising the first song, only a small group of audiophiles will be able to hear those frequencies clearly.
Overall I found the music entertaining, and the art was pretty good.

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Sick Schranz, man. Couldn't dig the melody in the middle. I feel like it's part of a different song. Good arp, don't listen to these other guys they don't know Schranz.
Keep it up, keep it heavy.

I like this.

AliceMako responds:

Thanks for listening.

Hey man, I suggest using an imager on the percussion. Right now they are hiding in the mix and the imager will help bring it out more and make your mix more clear.
The arp does get pretty boring after a while, do something about that. Maybe make it a less emphasized section of your track.
Like what Lantaren says, the track loops nicely. Didn't even notice I was listening to it for a 4th time :P.
What did you use to make it?
Greetings -

ADR3-N responds:

I used Audacity and Mixcraft -- audacity to trim silence and make a clean loop. The vocals were accomplished with a simple set of delays and reverb.

What is a good percussion imager, you think?


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